Fellowship Organization - Professional Services

"Brotherhood of Triadic Arts" Originally intended to unite practitioners of the holistic & warrior arts. BOTA is an outlet of professional services offered by Michael Robinson founder of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu and the Okami Sumika Ninjutsu distance program. Instruction in everal Martial Arts as well as Personal Fitness Training may be scheduled by contacting the headquarters. Specialized training is now available in Filipino Kali and individual goal attainment. Certification programs/ options in Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing coming soon! Secondly and in order to maintain the original intent we have created a Fellowship of Honorable practioners dedicated to helping their students reach their potential spreading inherent truths found within. Striving to combine our individual talents for the betterment of the world as a whole, BOTA is a non-political network group dedicated to the spirit of the warrior to help network, grow, and training. We are currently recruiting honorable warriors to uphold the status of the true martist artist! **We have three memberships at this time. First type is General membership, in which most anyone can join after submitting a brief bio and $20 lifetime fee. Second is a student membership which all Deshi studying in person or distance either with Michael Robinson or a Shibu/branch Dojo are required to register and submit the fee. Third is personal invite. This membership mainly consists of teachers, mentors, coaches and various Gurus in their respected fields. There is no fee for special invite members. Please send any questions, clarifications, or inquiries to: bota@triadicmartialarts.com John Crnkovich R.I.P. Blane Martinez Quinn Willoughby Brandon Hester Steven Spencer John Eubanks Eric Ross Kenny Ross Tony Kasari David Mayo Jeremy Mackie Max Wolfgang Katz-Barber Kyle Miller Courtney B Josh Cremer Mike O. Bruce Calkins K. Abdullah Jeremy Schmidt Ron Collins Terry Brady Tyler Ballek Clarence W. Israel Velez Thor Sulland SHIBU Pete Soloman R.I.P. Sam Albright Lazaro Bueno Rhys Horler Aaron St. Louis MehdiJavadi Ranjbar Chris Ott Chris Barela Frank Cole Jason Winget WNPS Tamer Tosun Paul Dyer-Dakoto Dragon Defense Jerome Fonsesca Robert Wyss Kevin Periera John Landry Lonnie Muhammad Tom Hotz Joseph Nevaras Barry Carpenter Barry CUDA Yedwabnick, BLADESMART SYSTEMS Christian Streit-Duece Combat Richard Ouimette Robert Turner Kublai Kenneth Wyss Jacob Fitchpatrick Paul Ingram-Kali Center Joe Bolding Helder Gomes, NATURAL TRAINING CENTER Robert Jones John Belkewitch Jason Baker Dr. Bhat Giorgio Barbagallo-Fuma Ryu Phillip Corn R.I.P. Evgeniy Tkachenko Marvin Utterback Foss Family Anthony Moreas Billy Koetter Keith Garrow R.I.P. Soke Abdur Whitefeather Steven Dickerson CJ Brodsky Jeffrey Aron Elwell Robin Cotterill Tim Broussard, Komuso Ryu Paul C Holley, Horangkido Hapkido Joshua Darryl Nichols Mitchell Farrugia Luke McTaggart Jonathan Allen, Ghost Blade Shadow Warriors Christopher J Blackwolf MacDonald-Black Wolf Dojo Scott Burden Daniel Junkin Frank Zhong Mark Weaver Chief Two Bears Ross Bobby Calvert Nate Shehata Robert Reynolds Lee Edwards Ashlely B. Kenneth Worsham Geoffrey Spohn Austin Miller Robert Ptaszenki Devin Banchoff Michael Camargo Gary Madden Chanler Madden Jean-Michel Ruffier Koga Yang Francisco Sierra de la Rosa