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Triadic Martial Arts (B.O.T.A): News

BACK IN ACTION! - November 6, 2016

It's been a long while since posting and updating the official site. So much has transpired over the last few years but I am excited to announce that we are now once again preparing to hold APPOINTMENT only training sessions in the various "Triadic Arts". These have been mainly invite only but now specialized training opportunities are available to initiated students and interested parties by contacting Michael Robinson, Sensei at: Another outlet for communication is our Facebook at:
Twitter: triadicarts
Instagram: triadicarts

NEW COMMERCIAL LOCATION! - December 17, 2013

Its official Triadic Martial Arts has just acquired a new commercial location! 709 S. State Street, Davison, Michigan 48423. Renovation begins immediately stayed tuned for more announcements. 2014 here we come!

One of our Preferred Methods of Conditioning! - May 16, 2013

Want to Learn how to use a Kettlebell? It All Starts with the SWING!

By all means Snag this Guide invest in yourself!

Filipino Kali in New York! - May 13, 2013

Michael Robinson and student Chris Ott just returned from another awesome Filipino Kali event in Central Park New York! Two full days of intense Blade Smart training taught by our Guro Barry Cuda Yedwabnick. Covering a WIDE array of skills using stick, knife, and opend hand methods. Look for some excitement in upcoming classes guys!

Take a look at the link below for the ideal method to experience this type of training and accelerate your JKD/ Kali experience.

IPTP-The Individualized Private Training Program, Fun, Sun,and Kali in the desert!

BOTA Spring Training Camp - April 29, 2013

We had an excellent time at our spring training camp with Soke Jason Winget and students coming up to share the experience! All whom attended thoroughly enjoyed theirselves. As we explored skill sets from various arts, everything from stick, knife empty hand and grappling!

Also Sensei Robinson was tested in the art founded by Sensei Winget, Takeyarisenjutsu. We are pleased to announce his promotion to 5th Degree Black belt! Help us in congratulating him!

"Truly one of the highest honors I have achieved in my martial arts career"-Shidoshi Michael Robinson

Be apart of the journey with us on Seminar trail! - April 18, 2013

Updated Current Line up!

*BOTA Headquarters-Spring Camp April 27th and 28th

*Blade Smart-New York Seminar with Guro Barry Cuda May 11th and 12th

*BOTA/OFCM-ADA Summer Camp with Soke Jason Winget TBA

*Las Vegas Nevada, Fall Training Blade Smart Headquarters TBA

New Jersey Okami Sumika/ NTC Combatives Workshop - February 12, 2013

Over this past weekend we had the opportunity to work with the NTC Combatives team in New Jersey. It was a great experience to get the opportunity for sharing, testing and comparing different approaches to the combat arts! Thanks to training group leader, Coach Helder Gomes and the tribe for opening the doors. A true honor to work along side this group of sincerely dedicated and passionate practitioners.

More workshops to come from both NTC Combatives and the Okami Sumika Ninjutsu families! Contact us today and be apart of our growing movement!

Check out NTC here:

Winter Schedule - November 26, 2012

At this time class scheduling is limited for the Winter months due to the Holiday season and a potential relocation of facilities. But with that being said the Okami Sumika Ninjutsu distance program is in full swing and we have just about reached our goal for Winter enrollment!

If you have an inquiries about this particular program or would like to look into speciality training in the various arts we offer contact us today!

For all Uchi Deshi/ inside disciple students of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu training continues at normal times.


~Thank you BOTA staff

Summer Classes! - July 16, 2012

Every other Monday evening we are hosting the "Ninja Kids" program at BOTA Headquarters. Class starts at 5:30 or 6pm depending on parents schedule and runs 45min long. We work in a natural setting practicing, jumping, rolling, martial arts skills for the young ones!

Blade Smart Michigan-Filipino Kali for adults 6:30pm! This class runs approximately 1hour or longer depending on the lesson plan. We are currently working various drills with the single stick, long to close range combat and stick grappling!

Private lessons in various MARTIAL ARTS are offered. These programs have limited availabity so Contact us ASAP to be apart of the action!

NEW DIRECTION - June 5, 2012

After a very successful few years Triadic Martial Arts has parted ways with Better Bodies Fitness. The parntership was a great experience for both parties and we are proud of the programs developed and the students progress! We wish the best for Better Bodies Fitness, Eric Ross and current students and clients.

At this time Sensei Robinson is going a different direction in his teachings aiming to provide Specialty training opportunities to individuals and groups. Especially those looking for comprehensive personal instruction in rare and unique fighting arts. Also be on the look out for the new fitness and consultation services from the Brotherhood of Triadic Arts and its affiliates.

Filipino Kali Immersion Seminar - March 27, 2012

Reserve your spot TODAY for this exciting weekend event! Flying in from Las Vegas we have Barry Cuda Yedwabnick teaching a 2 day Filipino Kali seminar at Better Bodies Fitness & Triadic Martial Arts LLC!

$100 for a Two Day Intensive seminar Saturday May 5th Noon to 6:30pm and Sunday May 6th Noon to 6:30pm! We will cover stick, knife and unarmared combat methods.

Don't miss your opportunity to improve your weapon skills, challenge yourself and train with Cuda! It doesnt get much better than this, matter of fact sign up Today and save $10 off the total seminar price!!

Blade Smart Las Vegas! - March 20, 2012

Friday the 16th through Monday the 19th I flew out to Las Vegas to train with my Kali instructor Barry Cuda! Three and a half days of intense training Red Rock mountains and at the Blade Smart Mansion. Always amazing training experience as we covered stick, knife, and unarmed filipino combat as well as fundamental techniques from the Indonesian art of Silat. Looking forward to having Barry at our school this coming May!

WKC Regional Qualifiers - March 10, 2012

Big congrats to Master Eric Ross for the silver and bronze medals at Regionals, and training the three-time GOLD medal winner, Bridget! Bring on the nationals!!! Great testament to the great training going on at Better Bodies Fitness & Triadic Martial Arts. Well done my friends see you on the mat!

Takeyarisenjutsu - February 29, 2012

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded the rank of Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt in the art of Takeyarisenjutsu by Soke Jason Winget! I am truly honored to have his guidance on the path. His art has done so much to keep our training updated and effective. Domo arigato go zaimas!

Sensei Robinson

Triadic Combat Kickboxing TCK - February 10, 2012

Brand New course of instruction coming soon with distance study options available ! This exciting ranking program has been in developement for sometime. It's based off the kickboxing skill sets and techniques taught by Master Robinson. TCK is sometimes refered to as Triadic Combat KyukTooKi honoring his roots in the korean martial arts. We have a full syllabus up to 3rdDan in place at this time with various plug in sets such as Panantunkan (filipino boxing) and Muay Thai sets. This program is taught at our school and also overseas in the UK Wales area by certified Instrutor Thor Sulland.

Stay tuned on how to add this skill set and program to your current training!!

Congratulations! - January 27, 2012

Congrats to Mr. Robinson on his promotion to 4th Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor in the art of Kenpo under the guidance of Senior Professor Paul Dyer 7thDan (IKKA) of Dakota Dragon Defense. He has worked hard to improve upon his understanding and performance of this art and we are very proud of him!

New Promotion - December 16, 2011

Last night after successfully completing the requirements of Kihon, Kumite, and Tameshiwari and more, I had the honor of promoting my long time friend and training partner Mr. Quinn Willoughby to the rank of Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt in Freestyle Karate-Jutsu!! He has held the rank of Chodan in Soo Bahk Do since 95' and has trained in Judo, Brazilian JuJutsu and Muay Thai along with the various arts of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu since then. Along with being a fine martial artist he is also a nutrition and fitness specialist advisor for the Brotherhood of Triadic Arts. A truly valued member of our family. Osu!

~Master Robinson

Tactical Knife Workshop - December 4, 2011

I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Blade Smart Tactical Knife workshop! We had a great time covering many aspects of using the blade for self defense and improving body mechanics with various drills. All participants found the material quite useful. I look forward to the next event!

New York Kali Blade Smart Seminar - October 11, 2011

Michael Robinson just returned from New York City on his voyage to train with his Filipino Kali instructor Barry "Cuda" Yedwabnick. This was a intense two day instructor certification seminar covering Knife fighting, stick fighting as well as dual knife, and knife plus stick! Barry's knowledge of JKD/ Kali is very in depth and combat orientated. Mr. Robinson earned his Kali Level 1 and Blade Smart tactical knife certification and is excited to start scheduling private as well as group lessons. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Taste of Clarkston Demonstration(s) - September 26, 2011

One Sunday the 25th we attended the "Taste of Clarkston" annual event in our local area. This event continually brings in 100,000s of spectators to visit various vendors from the community. Triadic Martial Arts represented to the fullest performing approximately 5 demonstrations throughout the day covering the wide array of Martial Arts styles and skill sets offered at our school/ gym. We drew a few rather big crowds and everyone that participated did a really excellent job. If you happened to check out any of our performances please stop on out and visit our location or give us a call and receive a FREE intro lesson!

Better Bodies Fitness & Triadic Martial Arts LLC
5907 Dixie Hwy.
Clarkston, Michigan 48346
(248) 830-2389
(248) 942-2234

In house Clinic and Testing - September 18, 2011

Thanks to Soke Jason Winget and the guys from the WNPS Dojo for coming up for another clinic to refine our skills and share the path! Quite a few of our students from Triadic Martial Arts attended and learned a bunch. Big congrats to Sensei Robinson on recieving his Nidan in Takeyarisenjutsu and Sensei Ballek on his promotion to Sandan! Keep the focus my friends.

Promotions - September 13, 2011

BIG congrats to Mr. Chris Ott on his promotion to 8th kyu in Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo and senior student Mr. Anthony Kasari on his promotion to 3rd Kyu Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo and 4th Kyu in Okami Sumika Ninjutsu. Keep up the great work my friends!

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! - July 25, 2011

Come join us at Better Bodies Fitness & Triadic Martial Arts LLC on Wednesday the 27th from 4 to 6pm for our Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce. Bring you friends and family, take a tour of the facility, and meet the instructors! We will have snacks on hand and would love to see everyone there.

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY! Wed 27th 4pm to 6pm
Better Bodies Fitness & Triadic Martial Arts LLC
5907 Dixie Hwy
Clarkston, MI 48519

DLMA Gathering - May 23, 2011

Over the weekend Mr. Kasari, Mr. Ott and Master Robinson travelled up to Master Pete Solomon's Dojo in Cadillac Michigan for the Diversified League of Martial Artists Gathering. Sensei Frank Cole taught a clinic on the Science of the Martial Arts and Master Robinson taught the complete fundamentals of Okami Sumika Ninjutsu to a great group of open minded martial artists. It was a great 7 hour training day at Hizoku Budo Kai! We would like to thank Master Pete Solomon and his family for their hospitality and fellowhsip at this great event.

Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Seminar - May 2, 2011

Sempai Tony Kasari and I had a great experience training with Anshu Christa Jacobson and the Imlay City, MI Shinobi-Den over the weekend! Three hours on intense instruction covering the 7 traditions of the Budy Ryu. We would like to thank Anshu Christa, Sensei Jose and the guys for welcoming us in and making us feel at home. Great event!
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