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Triadic Martial Arts L.L.C.: Home

Triadic Martial Arts LLC is now located at 709 S. State Street, Ste B in Davison Michigan 48423! Call today (810) 652-3003 and stop on out and experience our unique martial arts and fitness programs today.

*Ninjutsu/ Taijutsu: Martial Art of the Ninja and Samurai of Japan. Covering a wide range of skills from striking, joint locking, and throwing skills to ground fighting and a wide array of classical weaponry. Taught to both children and adults.

*JKD/ Filipino Kali: Primarily a weapons based system of Stick (impact) & Knife(blade) but also Jeet Kune Do Concepts covering empty hand four ranges of combat.

*Kettlebell and Bodyweight Conditioning: An ideal method of overall conditioning to fully enhance your performance and address all your fitness needs!

*Fitness Consultations and Training by Appointment

*More to come...

Triadic Martial Arts originally designed and developed by Hall of Fame Martial Artist and Certified Master Teacher, Michael "Kinjo" Robinson. We also offer specialized training in the art of Okami Sumika Ninjutsu through Intensive In-Person Training and Long Distance video certification. We have training groups all over the world practicing our unique blend of modern and traditional skills!

Comprehensive training in Filipino Kali is also available through private lessons, seminars and workshops. If you want to learn JKD/Filipino Kali, knife & stick fighting, look no further! If there are any questions about lessons, specialty training programs, or to schedule a workshop contact us:

Our site is constantly evolving so visit often!